<The Direct Vent Solution - Save Money and Fuel on Heat and Hot Water

Welcome to the Direct Vent Solution

Save money on heat and hot water… wehever you need it

Our range of K-1, #2 heating oil and gas-fired Direct Vent Heating and Hot Water Systems are the easiest, most flexible, most energy-efficient way to install, replace or supplement your current heating and/or hot water systems.


  • Heat up to 2,000 sq. ft. with as little as 400 gallons of fuel a year
  • On-demand continuous flow gas hot water & Heat pump systems — pay for hot water only when you need it and never run out!


  • Easy to install Direct Vent Heating Systems require no chimney or ductwork, no disruptive special construction, electrical or plumbing
  • Programmable thermostat for multiple time and temperature settings


  • Uses outside air for combustion
  • Cool-to-the-touch cabinets, childproof controls and all-electronic ignition with no pilot or exposed flame
  • All units approved by applicable national/international testing agencies

A complete line of versatile Direct Vent Solutions to choose from:

Monitor MPI

Monitor direct vent heating systems deliver up to 40,000 BTUs; available in high-efficiency K-1 kerosene, natural gas or propane models.
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Direct vent Toyostove models and Toyotomi on-demand continuous flow water heaters burn your preference of K-1 kerosene or #2 heating oil, depending on model.
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rinnai gas heaters

Energy-efficient direct vent heating (up to 38,400 BTU) and tankless hot water technology uses natural gas or propane.
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High-efficiency Bosch Hot Water comes in a variety of sizes for the most economical fit for your needs. Clean-burning propane or natural gas.
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