Features and Benefits of
Direct Vent Technology
Direct Vent heating systems were first introduced to the U.S. home heating market some 15 years ago. Today there are hundreds of thousands of home owners, apartment dwellers and condo owners who have come to realize that there just isn't a more easily installed, affordable, efficient or flexible system for heating -- as well as hot water on demand -- on the market.
  Clean and safe
  All units are either UI, AGA or CGA approved
  Features a sealed combustion system
  Electronic ignition
  No pilot or exposed flame
  Easy installation
  Installs in 2-4 hours
  Uses a unique pipe within a pipe venting system
  No chimney or ductwork required
  No special construction, electrical or
plumbing requirements
  Convenient and easy to use
  Manual or automatic operation
  Thermostatically controlled
  Shows actual room temperature
  Variety of sizes
– 14,000-40,000 BTUs
– 200-2,000 square feet
  Efficient and economical
  High burner effciency
– 93% kerosene (K1)
– 84% natural or LP gas
  Very little fuel usage allows you to purchase your yearly fuel at a low-season price
  Uses outside air for combustion

A complete line of versatile Direct Vent Solutions to choose from:

Monitor MPI

Monitor direct vent heating systems deliver up to 40,000 BTUs; available in high-efficiency K-1 kerosene, natural gas or propane models. Click for details.


Direct vent Toyostove models and Toyotomi on-demand continuous flow water heaters burn your preference of K-1 kerosene or #2 heating oil, depending on model. Click for details.


Energy-efficient direct vent heating (up to 38,400 BTU) and tankless hot water technology uses natural gas or propane. Click for details.


High-efficiency condensing boilers come in a variety of sizes for the most economical fit for your needs. Clean-burning propane or natural gas.
Click for details.